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Oxford Backpackers

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I should have sent this ages ago, and every day since I have stayed with you I think of Oxford and your hostel with such fondness. My plan was to post a comment on your website (but I didn't figure out how that works)...and then send you a GRANDE Muchas Gracias. In all honesty I had the perfect visit to Oxford and my stay was not only memorable, but fulfilling, peaceful, and beneficial to me and my colleagues. Because I desperately needed that break, from work and our hostel, I came back refreshed. The atmosphere was tremendous in terms of diversity, friendliness, cleanliness, and design. Of all the great, the only downfall was all the smoking in the public areas. Overall, your team of staff and long termers are classy folks.
All my gratitude, Christine

The Chad – (Australia)
Get out ASAP it’s a trap, you will never leave!! Had shit loads of fun Thanks. Keep in Contact.

Abid Wahab – Oxford Mini Branch
We loved the way you served us on the reception. I hope we see you again.

Diana and Ashleigh – Fulham, London (South Africa)
Thanks for a good time – Great Staff

Sarah Ferguson (Oxford)
Cheers for a cool night – it made it possible for my friends to come and party.

Mikkel Paludan-muller (Denmark)
Thanks for a nice pleasant stay, we really enjoyed it!

Dani (Canberra, Australia)
Thanks for letting me join in on your pub crawl half way through, I believe round about the time that Kiwi Sarah dropped her glass at Que Pasa. I think this place is COOL!

Davide Giannitelli (Italy)
This was my first experience in a hostel; I had always spent my vacations in cheap hotels. My response is of an optimal nature. This place costs less and is better than an hotel. Here you have the chance to socialize with all kinds of people, to eat terrible pasta ‘made in Italy’, ‘but expected to UK’, that doesn’t have enough sauce and to enjoy death or life, flying pigs fight. Last but not least, if you are lucky enough you can be entertained by a pack of blonde Norwegian beauties that move their ankles all over the place. In general, this place is unique not only because of its great organization, but also because of the wonderful people that can be met here. I remember many people here and of course the staff that kept this place clean even though it seemed that we were trying to pull it apart. Thanks

Victor (Sweden) – Address supplied
Okey guys, I’m going back to Sweden… When I first got here to Oxford I was looking for a room or flat share, somewhere to live. I wasn’t very lucky in my search, but! I found this place and to be truly honest I couldn’t find a better place even if I searched for years. Its been said soo many times but you are like family. A really cool, relaxed family that you can share everything with. But life moves on and I have a plane to catch. If somebody want to get a hand of my don’t hesitate to write a few lines to. Thanks you for everything (I had the best birthday in years you know…) Gonna miss you

Kris (New Zealand)
Great time, thanks – Comfy Beds

Emma and Sarah (Joburg ad Christchurch)
Cool plants, Nice beds. Hey guys, I’ve had heaps of fun the in Oxford and it’s largely because of the great people at this hostel. Take care, Sarah

Brett Worth (South Africa)
Sup my Peeps! Thanks for making the past few weeks extremely memorable. You will not be soon forgotten. You guys rock! Peach out!

Bath Backpackers

Jacques J. Bouche (Belgium)
Having recently stayed at your Hostel in Bath for about a week (partly together with my wife and daughter) I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to Mark Baldwin and his team who admirably run the hotel in Bath.
From the very beginning I felt both "on Holidays and at Home". Being a regular visitor to both Youth hostels and 5 star hotels around the Globe, I must say that in many aspects I preferred the dedication, friendliness, warmth, and readiness to help of the Hostel staff in Bath, something which, today, I rarely find in the so called "De Luxe" Hotels.
I wish you all the best in your endeavors and hope that the FUNKY HOSTELS will have a long successful and expanding Life around the world.

Michael O'Connell (Australia)
I found the staff very friendly and helpful, facilities were clean. I really enjoyed my visit to Bath Backpackers and will recommend to fellow travellers.

Elizabeth (New Zealand)
The place is well maintained, a typical fun hostel well spread out. Had a great stay and would stay again if i was in Bath.

Tiffany (America)
I really enjoyed my stay at Bath Backpackers. All the staff were really friendly and helpful.The hostel is in a great location right in the centre of Bath.

Manfred (Germany)
As I am from the land of smiling I enjoyed every single second. Bath ist gut ja ja!! Ze hostel ist auch gut ja ja!!!

Gayle (Australia)
I saw snow for the first time when i was in the backpackers, had a huge celebration with my new family, loved it!! cheers.